Seasonal services that we are currently offering.

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We can install hardscapes, softscapes, water features, even outdoor grills! This will turn your outside space into a great place to host parties or just relax. Please take a look at our landscape gallery here.

Power Raking & Core Aeration

Power raking is a great way to remove underlying thatch from your yard. If you do not collect your grass every time you mow than you most likely need to either have power raking performed or core aeration. Power raking is for a lawn that has a more severe amount of thatch buildup and core aeration is to help relieve thatch buildup as well as help reduce soil compaction. Both services will open up your yard to allow for proper nutrient uptake as well as strengthening your lawn to help fight future disease. Please give us a call to come out and give you a personal consultation.

We are currently applying the third step of our six step program, which is a grub control mixed with a high nitrogen fertilizer. This will help to keep your lawn lush and green as well as combat any insects that try and invade your beautiful grass. We can apply this within 24 hours, please call for a free quote.

Lawn care maintenance

Whether it is a commercial property or a single-family house, we take pride and ownership in every weekly service. Our dedicated mowing team will keep your yard looking the way you would expect. We also offer a variety of other services to keep your property looking beautiful, such as our 6,7 or 8 step fertilization programs, core aeration, power raking or complete lawn over-seeding. Click on the picture to the left to find out more.

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